I was born and raised outside of Boston in southeastern Massachusetts. From my earliest years I had a love for design, especially album art, and I remember spending a lot of time poring over every little detail of some of my father's and older brother's records, trying to absorb it all. By the time I was nearing the end of high school it felt like pretty much a given to me that I'd head off to study design in college.

And I did. I got accepted to Massachusetts College of Art where I earned my BFA in graphic design under the instruction of some great Boston area designers such as Clifford Stoltze, Lisa Rosowsky and Jan Kubasiewicz. In addition to the top-notch design education I received, my experience at MassArt afforded me many other opportunities including learning letterpress, silkscreening, and sound design.

After graduating I briefly worked for NextJump Inc.—an internet startup in Somerville, Massachusetts—before heading off to Chicago. Even though I was educated and started my career in Boston, the Windy City is where I really cut my teeth as a designer. It's where I first began to freelance, working through agencies as well as with my own set of clients, and also where I began to become more involved with the AIGA. As much as I loved Chicago and all of the wonderful design experience I had there I eventually I moved on after five years.

In 2006 I relocated to Philadelphia. Since moving here I've gotten to know this city's design community largely by way of the Philly AIGA chapter and I have to say it's one of the warmest, most inviting design communities I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know.