This piece is a promotional site for a sculptor who specializes in making very percise geometric forms. The extreme minalism of the site design is intended to both reflect the aesthic of the artist and to help the individual pieces stand out on the screen. This project is still in progress, but can be viewed here.

Created with: Adobe Flash, HTML, CSS, Adobe Illustrator

Band Identity

A band identity is a funny thing, a lot of bands have them but they need to be much more subtle and open-ended than a corporate identity. In this case, through three album covers and a pin, I adhered to a loose color palette that is reflective of the warm, homegrown quality of the music and to a motif of pairs of things which is a direct reference to the fact that this band is a husband and wife duo.

Created with: Pencil, Camera, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


This site was built as a central hub for the Camden Catholic school system to be used mostly for fundraising purposes. The concept was to convey something vibrant and child-focused but built on a solid foundation of education history. My role was largely art direction—creating the look and feel of the site, finalizing the logo, and establishing the criteria for the photo shoot. The live site can be viewed here.

Created with: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Drupal

Logo & Identity

Since this project was a logo and identity for a powerlifting team I wanted to avoid the obvious iconography of musclemen and barbells while still creating something that communicated a sense of strength. The end result was this industrial look with the abstracted machinery in the logo and the gritty look and feel of the materials that the finished pieces were printed on.

Created with: Adobe Illustrator

T-Shirt Design

The primary criteria for the look of this t-shirt was that it was fun and eye-catching enough to sell well at the powerlifting event that it was designed for. With that in mind, I drew the illustration by hand and created a design inspired by the muscleman ads found in the back of comic books in the 1950's. The result was happy client and a lot of t-shirts sold at the event.

Created with: Pen and Ink, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Redesign of an internet radio website. The look reflects the urban feel of the music while the layout is designed to be as compact and easily accessible as possible. This project is still in progress.

Created with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop


This little self-mailer is an example of the kinds of challenges that can come up even with the simplest of pieces. In this particular case the size itself was one of the main obstacles given that there was a substantial amount of content that needed to be squeezed into the mailer. On top of that, the target market were a senior, low-literacy demographic so we were limited with how small we could make the text. The solution: a clean, open design that had a high level of readability while allowing for a maximum of content.

Created with: Adobe InDesign


For this website, which is a kind of back catalogue archive, the trick was to design something that gave a sense of the electronic yet raw quality of the music. This was accomplished through the use of a minimalist color scheme and fonts choices combined with an overall techie look. The very user-friendly navigation system also works as a big plus for the casual visitor. View it here.

Created with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


This music review site is built to be dynamic, with an admin login area that can be used to add reviews to the site. The open style of the site is designed to accomodate articles of vaying size, while the look is intended to reflect the raw feel of the writing. It can be viewed here.

Created with: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


This piece was a promotional pediatric newsletter for a children's hospital, and the look had to give a sense of being about children while still targeting adult readers which turned out to be a bit of a design challenge. The solution involved using color and imagery to give it a somewhat child-like flavor while using clean typography and page layout to give it a more sophisticated, grown-up undertone.

Created with: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


This short animation was based around a 1953 radio ad jingle written by pop jazz composer Raymond Scott. The rhythm of the animation was key to making the composition work, as was the “what if the 50s were now” aesthetic.

Created with: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator


On this project—a commercial site for an herbal retailer—I took more of a back end developer role. Collaborating with another designer on the front end, I was responsible for executing the the code for the final, fully functional site which can be viewed here.

Created with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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