Janszoon is my main music project and consists of me with occasional help from friends. It began life in 1999 as a no-name solo project that I worked on in a sound studio class I was taking at the time. I was also the singer for Disco Volante back then so my little solo experiment was definitely a back burner kind of entity. As time went by I was involved in various music projects with various people but always with Janszoon lurking in the shadows, though it would remain nameless until 2004. With the demise of my band Krill>Whale>Human in 2008 Janszoon has really come more to foreground for me. I'm currently working on a group of songs written during my recent stints in California that I hope to release in the near future, most likely as a pair of EPs.


6.15.09 (looking for a rapper)

I'm currently looking for a rapper or toaster with a unique style and interesting lyrics to collaborate with on a hip-hop thing. If you're interested or know someone who might be interested, shoot me an email. I'd like to have fun with this project but at the same time I'm looking for someone serious enough to put in a lot of effort toward recording and releasing music.

I have some rough, bare-bones tracks already finished so if you want to hear them just let me know. If you like what you hear, message me.

8.5.08 (robespierre)

Another extremely short song. This one kind of came as a surprise for me. The skeleton was there and I thought it would be a long time before the song was finished, but I started tinkering around with it and, bang, without warning it was done.

7.29.08 (you'll remember)

So I said I'd have a new song posted very soon, and lo and behold I'm posting one mere hours after making that comment. This song, "You'll Remember", is one of the shortest songs I've ever written and tells the tale of the time my subway train derailed back when I lived in Chicago. Good times.

7.29.08 (recreation)

A rough version of a new song, "Recreation", has just been added. Featuring guest vocals by Abbey-Gayle!

I'm working on some more and expect to have them up very soon.

7.20.8 (sixth & flower)

Ok, so progress on the EP is going a little slower than expected but I'm still moving along with it. I've just posted a rough version of one of the tracks, "Sixth and Flower". Hope to be posting more soon. Enjoy!

3.19.08 (believing the hype about california)

This winter has been a busy time. In addition to zipping around between Philly, Chicago, Boston and Orlando for the holidays, I've spent the past two months living in California and looking for a new job.

But the big news, as far as Janszoon is concerned, is I've also been working on a ton of new music and plan on releasing an EP sometime this spring. We're talking about a six or seven song little release heavily influenced by my newfound love affair with the west coast and the limitations of working with only a keyboard and a laptop for a couple months. Given the large amount of music I've written out here, this EP will probably be part one of two. At a guess, the second EP should be finished mid-summer.

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